The FAST Filing System

You WILL LEARN to get organized!

The FAST Filing SYSTEM is a course where you will learn how to handle ALL of your papers, from the note you scribbled at the networking event, to the post-it's on your computer, to incoming mail, and all papers in between.

The FAST Filing System is for you if you:

• Feel overwhelmed with paper clutter and chaos

• Want to have a neat, welcoming work space in your home or office

• Need to get your papers organized on a budget


If that’s you, read on.


When you sign up for The FAST Filing System you receive:

• A twice-monthly how-to organizing audio tutorial

• A coinciding PDF guide to learn new paper management skills

. A fun “quiz” with full explanations, to ensure that you truly understand the 


. An optional homework assignment that helps to reinforce each lesson and keep you progressing quickly through the course

. An “Extra Learning” article or video to expose you to even more ideas and organizers who will help you progress even faster 

• Access to a private, supportive, online community of fellow learners


How the FAST Filing System works:

• You listen to the audio tutorial at your convenience and as many times as you want

• You learn step-by-step paper-organizing and filing skills to rid your home or office of paper clutter

• You map-out your paper organizing plan on your provided master list so you can see where each paper belongs

. You follow Marsha’s easy method for creating your files and putting them into the system.

• You strengthen your organizing muscles by implementing new skills between classes


No time? No problem.


Why the FAST Filing System works:

• You listen to the audio at your convenience and as many times as you like during the month

• You have an entire month (two entire modules) to implement and build new skills before the next modules arrive

• You have immediate online access to fellow learners for inspiration and encouragement

• You can afford it! The most comprehensive paper filing & paper management solution ever! 

It's time to finally get–your-papers–organized!

FAST Filing System Overview:

You will accomplish:

  1. All of your files created, with color coding and proper tab positioning.  
  2. Your filing system will be both functional and beautiful, and you’ll know where every paper is
  3. All of your action files will be done, and you’ll have a system to keep them under control.
  4. A method for handling the necessary papers that  you’d like to keep “at your fingertips.”  
  5. No More Piles of Papers laying around on tables and in boxes!

You will learn:

How to Handle financial files - the critical files for your life

How to Handle papers that you must hold for others

How to Handle files that relate to things you must keep and use

How to Handle personal files, such as medical and education records

How to Handle the files for your pets. 

You will discover:

How did this happen in the first place?

What's holding you back?

Why it’s so hard for you to work on your files? 

Why do you procrastinate, and how to stop?

How to Manage your time effectively - especially if you are overwhelmed or overburdened with responsibilities

What people are saying about the FAST Filing System:

“Thank you for this amazing class! I have been trying to get my papers organized for YEARS. I have made more progress in the last 10 days with your program than I have in the last seven years of struggling by myself. 

I really appreciate your method of sorting papers. This year, for the first time, I was organized at tax time. Your system has worked better for me than anything else I have tried. Thank you.“

 - Diane S.

“In your program, I learned that organizing IS a MIND thing, not a STUFF thing. I wanted to learn how to make the decision for myself about WHAT PAPERS I should throw away. Your class is teaching me that. THANK YOU for giving me the tools I need. You are right. Organizing is like working a muscle and making it stronger...I need more exercise!“ 

- Renee A.

“I love your program! My favorite was the flat surfaces/dividing into quarters approach. I find I am sizing up all of my messes from this perspective, and gaining control over them feels possible for the first time in forever. Your course has changed–and is continuing to change–the way I think about my stuff. I really enjoy the private, online community as well.“

 - Paula R.

Filing is a breeze when you know exactly where every paper belongs.